Friday, June 12, 2009

The Drake

I just received my second issue of The Drake. It is by far the best flyfishing magazine I have come across. I have subscribed to the major ones from time to time, Flyfishermen, Flyfishing, Flyfishing in Saltwaters, Saltwater Flyfishing, fish, fish, fish. You get the picture. The Drake beats them all (although I urge you to check out the Florida Sportsman and On The Water). Why? It has excellent quality photos and stories taken in the field by people like you and me (okay, and occasional Barry and Cathy Beck photos, whose center console photo graces the top of this blog). The writing is great, the stories are not long but are original, they snap with humor and hit you in the gut with genuine emotion. They are, like the best stories, more than about fishing. I doubt any of these writers ever submit more than one or two stories, which means they capture the moment with an original eye and voice and don't spare or recycle the details. You read each one and conclude that spending a day on the water with any of them would be a fine experience.

Since we're on the subject of writing and fishing, if you haven't read this book, you should- Fishing Came First, by John Cole. John is now deceased and I attended his memorial service in Maine a few years back, held in the winter at Bowdoin College's Chapel. It was a tremendously moving service, in no small part because of the testimonials. Sitting at the front of the church was a new wooden drift boat laden with flowers; his son had built it from a kit (I personally can attest that this is no small feat) and had given it to him several months before the end of the past fishing season so he had had some chance to use it. John was the real thing, an opinionated conservationist, a mentor, a dedicated wordsmith, and a fanatical fisherman, whether for stripers or tarpon. Next time you need a break, check this one out of the library, pour yourself a scotch and find a comfortable chair in a quiet room. You'll thank me.

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