Friday, June 5, 2009

June 5, 2009 Overcast and Quiet

Sophie, barely four months, lies in a tight circle at my feet, now dry but still smelling undeniably of wet dog. This is my first springer and I must say I am impressed. She has the temperment of a buddhist monk crossed with a school boy on the eve of summer vacation. Which means she has either an on or off switch and generally makes herself quite well-liked by all new acquaintances. Even with larger dogs, known to have border-line personality disorders, she finds her way through the tangled thorns of their personalities and gets them to behave.

She spent the first drift boat trip down the Deschutes, a ten mile drift, laying peaceably on the stern seat and enjoying the sun. Only when I waded out of sight did she let loose her particular whimper, drawing me back and making me provide reassurance.

I suppose all this is by way of introduction. I am along in mid-life, married, with children, but still actively dreaming of my passion to fish. It never lies far from the surface and I have been to too many places to be able to ignore the images, smells and sensations my life has brought me on the water. the photo of the boat is of a Jones Brother center console. I confess it is not my boat BUT it is very similar to the 18' Maritime skiff I owned up until 2 years ago and which I trailered all over Maine and Cape Cod in search of striped bass, bluefish and anything else interesting. I love the ocean and, though i have a warm spot in my soul for trout and the gentle pull of rivers, I still feel the salt on my face, see the underwater structure along the Elizabeth Islands and cannot suppress the yearning to cast amongst them again. Of course I now live in Oregon and have my drift boat to offer me solace but it is living in two different worlds.

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